DT FileCabinet

Powerful Document Management Software for Accountants

DT FileCabinet Document Management Software

DT FileCabinet is a feature-rich digital document management system, designed for tax and accounting professionals.

Save money and streamline your workflow

Create a paperless environment in your firm.

The first step toward achieving paperless workflow is to implement an electronic document management system. Creating a paperless environment in your firm - with DT FileCabinet at the core - can impact your profitability more positively than any decision you’ve ever made. The immediate and obvious gain is time and money savings on paper, filing, printing, storage, retrieval, delivery, etc. The long-term, over-the-top value, is a more streamlined workflow.
Icon - Thomson Reuters DT Tax and Accounting
v - Thomson Reuters DT Tax and Accounting

Store Documents Quickly, Easily, and Safely

Save Time and Provide Even Better Customer Service.

DT FileCabinet is designed to work easily with any Windows®-based software application. With this flexibility you’ll be able to quickly, easily, and securely store and quickly access virtually.

Access Documents Instantly

Documents securely stored with instant access.

With your client documents securely stored and logically organized in DT FileCabinet, they are instantly available to staff whenever needed. And instant access to your documents means instant service to your clients.
Icon - Thomson Reuters DT Tax and Accounting
Icon - Thomson Reuters DT Tax and Accounting

Scan Images of Source Documents and Store Them with Related Documents.

You can quickly scan images of source documents into DT FileCabinet

You can scan it by placing the document on a TWAIN - compliant scanner or document feeder and clicking the Scan button in the DT FileCabinet toolbar to open your scanning software.

Intuitive Design and Easy-to-Use Folders Make Workflow Processing Simple

The file structure in DT FileCabinet is arranged much like paper files.

To help your workflow run smoothly and quickly, the file structure in DT FileCabinet is arranged much like paper files. This design makes it easy to keep everything organized for quick access later.  Your files are easy to search and sort in a variety of ways.
Icon - Thomson Reuters DT Tax and Accounting
Icon - Thomson Reuters DT Tax and Accounting

Security for you and your client

A new level of security for your client.

DT FileCabinet makes document management an efficient, organized process, allows you to save reams of paper every year, and adds a new level of security to your client data.


With its advanced technology, state-of-the-art functionality, and sophisticated features, DT FileCabinet lets you easily create a paperless environment and enjoy the countless time- and money-saving benefits of a paperless office.

With DT FileCabinet, you’ll enjoy:

  • Dramatic cost savings as a result of far less printing, handling and storing of paper
  • Organized documents and folders that mirror your current file structure
  • Easy management of your clients’ scanned documents
  • The ability to annotate documents quickly and easily including audio messages
  • Instant file access, driving firm efficiency and elevating client service

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Paper Cost Calculator for DT FileCabinet

Reduce Paper Use in Your Tax Firm

Turn paper costs into paper savings with DT FileCabinet. Try our easy-to-use paper cost calculator and estimate the benefits of reducing your tax firm's paper use and moving towards a paperless environment.

Combined with DT Client Portal, DT FileCabinet enables you to provide your client with instant, secure access to the documents you wish to provide without email

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