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Westlaw Edge Canada combines a legacy of accurate legal research and the latest technological advancements, enabling you to find exactly what you need and deliver results even faster. With its vast collection of cases and commentary paired with innovative features such as KeyCite flags that indicate questionable law, Westlaw Edge Canada will expedite your research process without sacrificing accuracy or quality.

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Innovative features expedite research tasks that were once incredibly complex and time consuming

  • Instantly find decisions that have meaningful interpreted legislation with Judicial Consideration for Statutes
  • Know that you are citing good law with KeyCite Overruling Risk
  • Get quick answers to common legal questions with Common Queries
  • See detailed visualizations of your previous research with Graphical View of History
  • Easily save relevant cases for later review and hide cases you don't want to reexamine with Keep List/Hide Details

Making it faster and easier to get the answers you’re looking for

Westlaw Edge Canada builds on the strong foundation that generations of lawyers have relied on for thorough and accurate research.


Rely on technological innovation at every stage of your legal research.

Editorial Enhancements

New enhancements such as Graphical View of History, Keep List/Hide Details, and Missing and Must-include Terms make it easier to find, validate, and interpret the law.


Access the most comprehensive collection of legal information backed by a team of expert lawyer-editors.

Searching on Westlaw makes it easy to find factually similar cases. If not for Westlaw Edge Canada, this would take an extraordinary amount of time; time you’re not going to get back
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