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    Obstacles In Conducting a Precautionary Attachment in Egypt: Is Enforcement Of An Arbitral Award Effective? | MENA | Thomson Reuters

    In paradox to what is adjudicated and established in Egyptian Arbitration Law No. 27 of 1994 (“EAL”) in nexus to conducting the precautionary attachment, a recent judgment was issued by the New Cairo First Instance Court, Circuit 7 on 30 March 2019. This judgement was adjudicated upon the...

    In-house lawyers’ role in maintaining data security in vendor relationships | Thomson Reuters

    Third-party vendor relationships can expose a business to cyberattacks. Here’s what in-house counsel needs to know to mitigate the risk.

    The pandemic’s effect on underrepresented in-house lawyers | Thomson Reuters

    A new survey has shown how the pandemic impacted the wellbeing and careers of in-house lawyers from underrepresented groups—and how to move forward

    Are you making the most of your indirect tax data? 10 questions to ask your tax team

    Is your company taking a data-driven approach to indirect tax? Ask 10 key questions to see if you’re using tax data analytics to save money, support operations, and fuel corporate growth.

    5 ways small business lawyers can add value | Thomson Reuters

    Lawyers can become trusted advisors if they know how to add value to a small business. Here are several ways to do just that.

    Secondary sources on Westlaw: Start stronger, finish faster | Thomson Reuters

    Start stronger and finish faster with Westlaw. Secondary sources on Westlaw help you get the job done. Start a free trial of Westlaw today.

    Using the West Key Number System | Thomson Reuters

    Feel confident about your case. Learn more about Westlaw’s key number system and start a free trial today.

    Get a window into your business with ONESOURCE

    Master your global trade, indirect tax, and transfer pricing processes and data to empower your business. With the combined power of ONESOURCE and Alteryx, you get the data you need to make important business decisions quickly and reports and dashboards tailored to your company’s unique needs,...

    4 ways to use indirect tax data for better tax performance & reporting

    Here’s how you can use indirect tax data & analytics to prepare for tax audits, identify tax credits, monitor nexus thresholds, and more.

    How automation is redefining global trade management

    The digital transformation of global trade management is accelerating. Companies that fail to keep up with technology and software advancements risk falling behind.