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    ONESOURCE Determination Savings Calculator

    Enter a few high level data points about your company to see how you may benefit from an automated sales, use, and global tax solution.

    Economic nexus: How to keep up with changing sales and use tax requirements

    Online sellers and retailers must follow economic nexus laws across all 50 states. To stay tax compliant, invest in a sales and use tax software that saves time and money.

    Anti-Money Laundering Act: 4 Takeaways on BSA/AML Reform - CLEAR | Thomson Reuters

    Explore what the AMLA 2020 means for financial institutions and how BSA/AML reform expands efforts to combat money laundering and financial crimes.

    Are legal playbooks right for your business? | Thomson Reuters

    Legal playbooks offer teams a tool to effectively guide negotiation and deliver consistent work product. Here’s what you need to know about them.

    The basics of legal research in 3 steps | Thomson Reuters

    Whether you are a law student or an experienced attorney, knowing how to do legal research effectively is crucial to crafting a winning argument.

    The basics of automated contract review for lawyers | Thomson Reuters

    See how law firms can automate the contract review process and understand the stages involved.

    The basics of forming an LLC for small and start-up businesses | Thomson Reuters

    Quick guide for in-house counsel on how to start an LLC providing legal advice to small and start-up businesses.

    Best AI for legal research | Thomson Reuters

    Find out why Westlaw Edge from Thomson Reuters has the best AI for legal researchers. We provide the fastest, most accurate results because our AI runs off of the best data sets in the industry complemented by our expert attorney editors reviewing the results.

    Brexit’s influence on global trade operations for U.S. companies | Thomson Reuters

    U.S. companies with global trade operations in the EU and UK face complex challenges from Brexit’s evolving regulations and trade arrangements.

    Building a Compliance Department | Thomson Reuters

    Learn how to build a compliance department for your company. A compliance department helps establish the right ethical tone at the company & reduce risk.