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Litigation management

Provide stakeholders with instant, secure and centralized access to the critical files, details, and status that surround their cases

Run every dispute more efficiently

Provide anytime access to the critical documents and details of a case, including disclosure, evidence, and deposition tracking plus invoice and task management.

Deliver on time and on budget

Pinpoint exactly which resources are needed, how much time and effort is required, and what to charge based on data and insight collected from previous matters.


Automate routine tasks

Reduce non-billable, administrative work using automated features that eliminate many routine tasks, so lawyers can spend more time on fee-earning activities.

Simplify collaboration

Easily manage and collaborate on documents, deadlines, timelines, tasks, and budgets.

Track and manage disputes

Have a real-time picture of progress at every stage of a dispute or litigation, while effortlessly managing and collaborating on documents, deadlines, timelines, tasks, and budgets.

HighQ for litigation support

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HighQ for litigation


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