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Better together

Thomson Reuters has partnered with Ignition to help firms take their advisory transition to the next level

Win new business, engage clients, and get paid quickly with Ignition

Ignition is the world's first client engagement and commerce platform for tax and accounting professionals. From impressive online proposals to automated engagement letters and payments, Ignition frees you up to focus on what matters most.

Easily present your services, prepare proposals, and generate terms of engagement

Set new client relationships up for success with impressive online proposals that are simple to prepare, effortless to send, and convenient for clients to sign on the go.

Get paid without the awkwardness

Take the hassle out of the money conversation with automated payments that make it convenient to pay, and get paid. No more chasing clients. Win win.

Quickly and easily obtain signed proposals and client engagement letters

Ignition makes it easy for clients to digitally sign your proposal and engagement terms, wherever they are. With multiple signatures, up to ten people can sign a single proposal.

Safeguard your firm with legally vetted engagement terms

With Ignition, you will reduce business risk and get peace of mind by using legally vetted engagement terms for all clients, so that you’re clear on scope and confident on compliance.

  • 32 hours
    Ignition customers saved up to 32 hours per month billing, collecting & reconciling payments*
  • 50%
    50% of Ignition customers were able to redirect their staff from administrative roles to direct revenue generating tasks after implementing the software*

*Source: Accounting market study commissioned by Ignition

The white-label set-up and fantastic on-boarding from Ignition has made it so that the proposal and engagement process is standardized allowing anyone in the office to quickly and easily set-up a proposal and engagement packet that cleanly and clearly outlines the engagement and allows us to get the payment information up-front, so collections are never a barrier to service. Ignition is a cornerstone to our client engagement and retention efforts.

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