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Personal Injury Law

Scenario: assessing the value of a claim for a slip and fall during icy conditions? 

Imagine you are preparing a claim for a client who experienced a slip and fall on a city street. You might start your research with checklists on Litigator and move on to general reading on Westlaw Canada. Your search now reveals results specific to personal injury guidance, relevant eLooseleafs on ProView, and quantum services to determine damages.

See how they all work together in this Use Case Video (2:29)

Westlaw Canada Litigator | Personal Injury use case (2:29)

Westlaw Canada Litigator | Personal Injury use case

In practice, I use it on a near daily basis whether it is for researching statutes and regulations for various corporate matters or case law research for immigration appeals, refugee hearings or judicial review proceedings. Westlaw Canada is great because there is guidance material available to help develop research skills, better understand search techniques and shortcuts and I personally have found that the more I use it and discuss with other lawyers I am constantly finding unique uses for the technology.

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