Document automation to simplify your drafting

Contract Express

Document automation to simplify your drafting

Automate your legal documents and contracts so that you can focus on higher value work and reduce drafting time

What is Contract Express and how does it work?

Contract Express is a document and contract automation solution. It enables fast and accurate document drafting and helps firms collaborate innovatively with their clients, all without the need for IT coding and programming.

With our dynamic and intuitive questionnaire, firms can automate their existing precedents in Microsoft Word and quickly generate accurate first drafts of contracts and legal agreements.

Why use Contract Express?

Some of the world’s leading firms are using Contract Express to increase document creation efficiency. Contract Express helps you increase your realization rate, increase profitability, and improve client relationships.

By automating your processes, you could save up to 82% of the time you spend on document production

The key value is efficiency – our lawyers can get to a first draft quicker and they are free to focus on more interesting and more valuable work.

– Gail Swaffield, Director of Knowledge Management Systems, Clifford Chance (UK), Thomson Reuters Contract Express (UK) customer

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