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Revolutionize your legal research with the innovation and accuracy of Westlaw Edge Canada with CoCounsel

Find exactly what you need — faster than ever before — with a vast collection of cases and commentary paired with CoCounsel, the first professional-grade generative AI assistant

A legacy of accurate legal research combined with innovative improvements in search technology

Jumpstart your research

Get relevant answers to your legal research questions with AI-Assisted Research. Verify the results using links to trusted Westlaw authority so you can make better-informed decisions and complete the remainder of your research more efficiently.

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Be confident that you are citing good law

Save time by avoiding a manual review of the cases you're citing. KeyCite is the only citator that warns you when a point of law in a case has been implicitly undermined based on its reliance on an overruled or otherwise invalid prior decision.

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Quickly find relevant cases

Access an editorially created list of cases that interpret statutes and meaningfully explain and clarify legislation. Save time by avoiding sifting through all the Citing References to determine what is relevant to you.

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Easily build detailed outlines

Open Outline Builder side by side with a document you find while researching without ever leaving Westlaw Edge Canada with CoCounsel. Drag and drop important text or citations directly into your outline.

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See how Westlaw Edge Canada can help your specific organization

Law firm

Build strong arguments with practical research tools for evaluation, pleading preparation, arguing motions, trial preparation, and more.


Make connections that would be traditionally hard to find during legal research and learn what the best actions would be moving forward.


Review legislative insights to analyze, categorize, and summarize the law with greater accuracy and efficiency.

The value of Westlaw Edge Canada with CoCounsel

Experience the next generation of technology to power complex legal research tasks

Discover how Westlaw Edge Canada with CoCounsel expedites the research experience with access to generative AI, predictive analysis, statutory interpretation, expert annotations, and customizable alerts. The user-friendly interface allows legal professionals to find credible, authoritative content quickly without compromising accuracy and quality.