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Buying and Building a Knowledge Management System: The Best Approach

Knowledge Management (KM) systems continue to play an evolving role as law firms look for the best cost-efficient and cost-effective ways to capture and share their lawyers’ accumulated knowledge. Lawyers rely on accessing prior work product – including deals, templates, precedent documents, legal know-how, and associate training – while constantly considering and evaluating changes in law and practice. All of this is accomplished while they are seeking efficiency to serve their clients’ best interests.

Read the white paper Buying and Building a Knowledge Management System: The Best Approach to learn why firms are opting for a build and buy approach to a KM system, which can provide an immediate increase in the size, value, depth and breadth of a firm's KM resources.

Practical Law provides a service and a practice management tool that enables the completion of transactions with annotated standard documents, practice notes, checklists, and toolkits that are created and maintained by our expert team of in-house lawyer-editors.