Case Logistix

Ediscovery solution

In need of an affordable ediscovery solution? Case Logistix provides ediscovery and litigation support teams with a more complete view of original documents, plus metrics to verify throughout every stage of the process. You’re able to quickly organize, review, analyze and produce anything from paper to Electronically Stored Information (ESI) – significantly reducing costs and mitigating risks associated with ediscovery.

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Peel through ediscovery with Case Logistix

Take control of ediscovery with a software solution that saves you time and money

The Case Logistix document-review platform offers you a quick, simple, and accurate way to review electronically stored information (ESI) and traditional “paper” documents throughout the ediscovery process. Making litigation support easier and more efficient.

Smarter, faster, more accurate review

Case Logistix decreases review time by automatically organizing and prioritizing documents into the IntelliFolder structure. Significantly improve ediscovery review efficiency and quality with analytics identifying near duplicates, examining email threads from start to finish, and grouping documents by shared concept.

Empowered review

A customizable interface gives you the flexibility to view multiple formats, including native and foreign language documents with Unicode capabilities. Easily build complex search queries without needing SQL expertise. An ediscovery litigation software that makes sense.

Features and benefits

Redesigned User Interface: streamlined interface lets you get up to speed quickly

Advanced Search: effortlessly build complex search queries, using multiple criteria

Optical Character Recognition (OCR): search extracted text in image files without the need for costly conversions

Document & Session Navigation: quickly navigate documents by locating hits, keywords, links, notes or redactions

Case Logistix Analytics: put content in context faster by grouping files with similar content, context, concept, document family or e-mail thread