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Increase your case management productivity and efficiency without sacrificing quality

Are you in need of a case management or document management tool for your law firm? With Case Notebook®, a centralized, electronic case file, you and your team can enter and share key facts, insights, notes, documents, main characters, evidence, legal research, and more. Our case management software will help you find litigation documents faster and integrate with the applications you use every day, including Westlaw Canada.

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Your key to efficiency, case strategy and synergy

Case Notebook brings efficiency to your search process - Watch video (1:04)
Find information in seconds by searching across all documents, notes, emails, PDFs, etc., all at once. Integrate with the applications you use every day – Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and more! Use term indexes to automatically find key words within documents. Create summary reports, fully customized, to capture just the information you need, the way you need it.

Case Notebook helps with case strategy - Watch video (1:06)
Analyze case documents, research, and pleadings by annotating with your own notes and pre-defined, color-coded issues. Connect the law to the facts by exporting Westlaw Canada research with live links and KeyCite status flags. Seamlessly display case events by sending selected Key Facts to Case Timeline.

Case Notebook creates synergy across information, tools and teams - Watch video (1:02)
Streamline collaboration with team members, by combining all notes, annotations and work product in one place. Access your document collection remotely so that you and your team always have access to the documents you need, wherever you are.

Customer resources

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