7 reasons why Contract Express is best for your law department

Contract Express delivers enterprise document automation for global law firms and corporations that seek more efficient contract drafting, management, and updates for agreements large and small.

Here are 7 reasons why your law department should consider Contract Express.

1. Simple Markup Creation with Fewer Programming Hours

At one time, using drafting software required extensive assistance from IT. Now, with the functionality of Contract Express and its dynamic engine, lawyers can more easily and quickly draft contracts using markup variables. The lawyer’s markup can be as sophisticated and complex as required by the customer’s needs.

2. Trust in Process

Having trust in your software also means having trust in the process. Contract Express can help eliminate the legal department bottleneck to increase productivity and allow your legal team to concentrate on higher value work while reducing risk through improved controls and compliance.

3. Use a Questionnaire to Launch a Contract

For those that draft 100+ pages of contracts on a consistent basis, details are cumbersome and critical to get right. Contract Express uses a patented questionnaire methodology to ensure the contract is drafted properly the first time.  You can create approval flows, sign your generated contract, and report on the processes used at each drafting stage.

4. Saving Minutes vs. Hours

No one thinks about time savings with software programs because we all take software for granted. When you use Contract Express, however, you’re saving hours and hours daily by using the automated document assembly, questionnaire, and resulting template that help draft and maintain contracts. Your team is freed up for other high-value work.

5. Cleaning the Archives

Manual management of old files and archives requires someone in the know about file contents.  Contract Express allows legal teams to schedule the deletion of inactive contracts themselves.  Team members can set alerts as reminders of expiration dates, enhancing data management and security while eliminating the confusion of storing outdated versions of documents.

6. New Search Technology

Have you ever hunted through a contract seeking details or terms? Contract Express lets you use search connectors and target specific terms and phrases to pinpoint the document.

7. Quality Control

With Contract Express, you can get contracts out faster while maintaining quality. Business users can access the contract draft portal with its automatic questionnaire and contract drafting template. Your team stays in standby mode and intervenes only when there are incomplete, non-compliant, or non-standard requests. Business users add specific details that get incorporated into the document, and a lawyer reviews the end product for accuracy.  The self-service contract creation and management process helps your department eliminate the legal department bottleneck to increase productivity, and reduces risk through improved controls and compliance.

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Contract Express changes the face of document assembly among lawyers and becomes a must-have product for legal teams the world over. Want to know more?