Document automation to simplify your drafting

Contract Express

Document automation to simplify your drafting

Automate your legal documents and contracts so that you can focus on higher value work and reduce drafting time

What is Contract Express and how does it work?

Contract Express is a document and contract automation solution that enables fast and accurate document drafting and enables in-house legal teams to approve contracts and other legal documents more quickly – all without requiring IT coding and programming.

In-house teams can automate the creation and management of NDAs, licence agreements, sales agreements, procurement agreements, and more, all in Microsoft Word. Their clients can use it to initiate contract requests.

Why use Contract Express?

Some of the world’s leading firms are using Contract Express to increase document creation efficiency. Contract Express helps you increase drafting compliance, enable business users to initiate contract requests, and reduce drafting costs. 

By automating your processes, you could save up to 82% of the time you spend on document production

Before I started working with Contract Express, I didn’t really know what was even possible. It has been a great way to improve communication with internal clients on what they can and cannot negotiate. It has also made it really easy for a new employee to come in and become a business user straight away.

– Peter Balling Teisen, Senior Legal Counsel, Copenhagen Airport, Thomson Reuters Contract Express (UK) Customer

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