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Browse all of our events in one place, including virtual events, tradeshows as well as upcoming and on-demand webinars hosted by leading legal experts

Events and Webinars
Type Format Event name Description Date Location
Virtual event On-demand Shaping tomorrow, together with O'Brien's on Westlaw Learn about the new O’Brien’s Encyclopedia of Forms on WestlawNext Canada and how this will help you adapt to the new ways of working. 09/29/2020 Online
Virtual event On-demand Protecting Your Brand on the Internet Join us for this live webinar to learn the legal and business implications on protecting your brand in cyberspace. 09/10/2020 Online
Virtual event On-demand Working in the Future - What's Next Focusing on what the future of legal work look like once there is a return to work and how the business and practice of law will be impacted. 06/10/2020 Online
Virtual event On-demand Different Ways of Working – Expanding Digital Workflows The session will focus on how legal workflows for lawyers of all types are evolving. 05/29/2020 Online
Virtual event On-demand Document Automation for Optimizing Remote Legal Work Learn how law firms and legal departments can benefit from drafting and automating complex legal documents while working remotely. 05/28/2020 Online
Virtual event On-demand Lawyering at Home: Avoiding Distractions The session will focus on how lawyers can maximize their work days, and avoid distractions and still provide excellent customer service while working remotely. 05/14/2020 Online
Webinar On-demand Strategic Litigation for the Remote Lawyer Learn how to strategize your litigaltion files from you remote office using a variety of solutions. 04/30/2020 Online
Webinar On-demand Practice Management in Commercial Real Estate - Trends from 2019 to Present Join us for a discussion of what has changed and what remains the same, what to remember and what is new in commercial real estate law developments. 04/28/2020 Online
Webinar On-demand Implications Of Covid-19 For Loan Agreements And Lending Transactions A panel will discussion on the impact of COVID on loan agreements and loan transactions. 04/07/2020 Online