Webinar: 5 legal marketing secrets your competition doesn't want you to know

Video (58:13)

Stay sharper than your competition

Marketing today is fraught with challenges and misinformation for busy lawyers. You’re caught in an endless struggle to stay abreast of changes online while finding the truth amid the noise of hot marketing trends – all while still having to actually serve your current clients. The trick to navigating this complexity and growing your business is to be more informed than your competition. 

In this webinar, you'll discover the 5 things that the other law firm down the street doesn’t want you to know.

Session highlights:

  • How online searches have changed
  • The Impact of emotion in your firm’s digital marketing
  • Focus on leads rather than traffic
  • Including mobile as part of your strategy
  • The most important factor impacting contacts 


Davoud Salahi Rad, digital brand strategist, FindLaw Canada, 416-649-9947

Davoud helps law firms create effective and profitable digital marketing strategies. He has a wealth of experience in digital marketing and a very strong understanding of search engine optimization, online conversion, and lead generation.

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