Webinar: Psychological Factors that Drive Website Success

Video (1:02:22)

If your website isn’t designed to motivate, it’s designed to fail.

Getting a website visitor to actually contact your law firm is a science – one that is grounded in a solid understanding of the way humans make decisions. Of all the elements that go into a website’s design, conversion optimization is unquestionably the most critical.  

In this webinar, you’ll learn techniques that help you capitalize on the emotional factors that motivate website visitors to take action, including:

  • How to appeal to the real risks your potential clients are facing
  • Which design elements and strategies signal your firm is trustworthy
  • How to determine if your site speaks to a potential client’s needs



Davoud Salahi Rad, digital brand strategist, FindLaw Canada, 416-649-9947

Davoud helps law firms create effective and profitable digital marketing strategies. He has a wealth of experience in digital marketing and a very strong understanding of search engine optimization, online conversion, and lead generation.

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