Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

Increase traffic to build your client list

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Our SEO consultants know the latest search tactics used by Google and other top search engines. They use this data to create effective key search terms that make your firm more visible to online traffic – the key to reaching and delivering potential clients. All of our websites and blogs incorporate web-search marketing strategies developed specifically for law firms.

8.3 billion searches happening in Canada per month (273 million per day)

Source: 2018 Thomson Reuters Product Showcase

Advanced search engine marketing

Our advanced SEO products build on your existing SEO strategies to increase awareness of your law firm website and online presence elsewhere, assist with reputation management, and boost website traffic.

96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine

Source: Google Consumer Survey, Nov 2013

Customer Testimonial

“I knew that I needed some SEO, perhaps some pay-per-click, in my options. I really like the idea of FindLaw, because it's a larger organization focused on the legal industry, […] a huge benefit and comfort level for me.”

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