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Document management

Create, store, edit, and share documents centrally and securely

Easy, secure document management

Securely store, update, share, and collaborate on contracts and files – optimizing team productivity and streamlining the delivery of legal services.

Quickly search and locate documents

HighQ enables your lawyers to securely access and work on documents using our web, iOS or Android apps, regardless of where they are or what device they’re using.

Manage document versioning and redline comparisons

Leverage advanced features such as version control, auditing and reporting, digital rights management, access permissions, approval workflow, and custom metadata.

Optimize team productivity

With HighQ, your lawyers and outside counsel can collectively work on documents in real time. Our Outlook®, G Suite and Office 365® integrations make it easy to edit and co-author documents simultaneously.


Vodafone increases the value of their documents

Get insight into how Vodafone transformed digitally through process-mapping, matter collaboration, workflow, automation, and data visualization.

Switch on productivity

See how your legal department can strengthen document management with HighQ