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Matter management

Stay informed and in control with HighQ matter management

Centralize all matter information and collaboration

Gain complete visibility and analysis for your legal team’s matter management workload, activity, spend, and risk.

Streamline matter workflow and boost productivity

Drive team efficiency and productivity by automating legal workflows to ensure matters are automatically recorded, assigned, actioned, and tracked throughout their lifecycle.

Monitor and analyze matter data and metrics

Consolidate internal and external matter data into dashboards and trackers to manage risk and achieve strategic business goals.

Clearly demonstrate the value of your team

Collate and visualize matter data to ensure that the value of your department’s work is visible and clearly understood.

Optimize team collaboration

Simplify the collaboration between your team and outside counsel with an engagement system that makes it easy to share knowledge, status, and legal spend.


Vodafone and Osborne Clarke

When designing a solution to transform the way they manage property matters, Vodafone and Osborne Clarke leveraged the HighQ platform to make all documentation accessible in one place – a move that has generated lasting value.

Power to be productive with HighQ

See how your legal department can simplify and streamline matter management with HighQ