The end-to-end investor onboarding process

Learn how to simplify the complex process of onboarding new investors with fund formation capabilities by Thomson Reuters. Below are five steps you can streamline and five positive outcomes you can achieve by leveraging next-generation technology.

  • The end-to-end investor onboarding process with Thomson Reuters

    Turn manual efforts and delayed processes into automated workflows and stronger client relationships with our fund formation capabilities

    How it’s possible:

    1. Onboard: Collect information, including know your customer (KYC), for all investors managed per fund with intake forms that contain logical instructions
    2. Review: Create workload boards and dashboards for complete insight into all incoming requests and automation rules
    3. Draft: Draft and create documents based on the investor profile information collected and workflows to automate document production
    4. Close: Collect and create all documents and store them in a single place
    5. Sign: Create workflows to automate the signing process

    Outcomes achieved:

    • Manage the investor onboarding process with greater efficiency
    • Achieve automation of the onboarding, drafting, and signing process
    • Save time on the complex investor onboarding process
    • Reduce risks when capturing investor information required for regulatory compliance
    • Deliver a superior client experience
Streamline the fund formation process

With Thomson Reuters technology, law firms can simplify investor onboarding from opportunity to close while maintaining compliance