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Legal Tracker

The worldwide industry standard for legal matter management, e-billing and analytics

What is Legal Tracker?

Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker (formerly Serengeti Tracker) is world leading matter management, e-billing, and analytics system among corporations and law firms. Designed to give corporate law departments a clear view of their entire legal landscape, Tracker helps track time and money, projects and productivity, in-house activity, and outside expenditures.

Legal Tracker Video: at a glance: (1:46)

Why Legal Tracker?

Legal Tracker’s cloud-based system allows you to organize, analyze, and utilize data to significantly increase performance and reduce spend. This helps law departments implement tighter cost controls, reduce spend, and drive efficient collaboration, both internally and with outside counsel.  Legal Tracker also enables you to manage all of your documents and contracts online in one convenient, collaborative cloud-based system.

And, because it is offered as a SaaS system, Tracker does this all without the need to purchase and maintain software, saving your organization’s IT staff time and money.  

The most widely used online workspace for legal project management

Here's why:

  • Integration of project management, e-billing, and performance analytics
  • Connect with all your outside counsel
  • Easy to use
  • International features
  • Rapid implementation

The best way to understand what Legal Tracker can do for your e-billing and matter management? Try it yourself.

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