Oct. 2, 2017

Thomson Reuters Cyberbahn attains National Master Standing Offer with the Government of Canada

TORONTO – Thomson Reuters is pleased to announce that Cyberbahn, a provider of corporate information, PPSA and due diligence, has attained National Master Standing Offer (NMSO) status with the Government of Canada for the provision of specified goods and services. 

Cyberbahn has more than 30 years of experience providing real-time legal support services to legal, financial, government, and business professionals. Through the Thomson Reuters Toronto office, Cyberbahn offers a complete range of corporate support services. Cyberbahn goes above and beyond to deliver corporate support services that enhance productivity, from corporate information retrieval and enhanced due diligence to business registration filings.

“This relationship is another evolution in our goal to ensuring our partners have the best tools available in real time to meet their search needs,” said Stewart Katz, V.P. Finance (CFO), Media and Legal Solutions in Accounting & Finance.

For more information on Thomson Reuters Cyberbahn, visit www.carswelllegalsolutions.com