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Find accurate and reliable answers to your legal research questions within one innovative platform 

Elevate your research to a new level with the latest generative AI technology in Westlaw Edge Canada with CoCounsel

Tech-enhanced research tools

Conduct more efficient and insightful research using these innovative, time-saving features.

AI-Assisted Research

Harness the power of generative AI to make better-informed decisions for your legal research. Gain access to high-quality answers generated only from Westlaw content — known to be the most comprehensive and accurate — so you can complete the remainder of your research efficiently and with greater confidence.

KeyCite Overruling Risk

Easily determine if a point of law in a case has been simply undermined based on its reliance on an overruled or otherwise invalid prior decision. See an orange warning icon from the results list at the top of your document, just like red and yellow warning flags, integrated into your research flow. These warnings prevent wasted time on unnecessary searches and give confidence in citing good law.

Judicial Consideration for Statutes

Streamline the search process by accessing an editorially created list of cases that meaningfully interpret statutes, so you don't have to sift through all the Citing References to determine what matters to you. 

Keycite Cited With

Find connections between cases that would be traditionally challenging to uncover. See the whole picture and quickly identify related cases that have a pattern of being cited together.

Legal Topic Suggestions

Increase the efficiency of your work by typing keywords into the search bar and exploring suggested legal topics curated by legal editors.

Find accurate, reliable legal information with Westlaw Edge Canada with CoCounsel

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Organization tools

Credible, relevant information is at your fingertips with the help of features designed to expedite legal research processes.

Outline Builder

Build your outline directly within Westlaw Edge Canada with CoCounsel. Customize your outline with headings and notes, rearrange content and portions of your snippets with drag-and-drop, and then easily download the outline when you’re ready to start drafting.

Graphical View of History

See your research history in the traditional list view or use the graphical view — a detailed visualization that maps out your research points. This feature allows you to work efficiently, retrace your steps, and pick up where you left off.

Table of Contents for Cases

Avoid the hassle of skimming long documents and jump to the parts of the content that matter most with Table of Contents for Cases. This table appears to the left of all cases and decisions with all headings linked, so you can select whichever potion of content you need to review next.

Keep List and Hide Details

Save potentially useful cases for later review with a single click using Keep List, ensuring you can easily revisit them without conducting the same search again. Conversely, minimize the visibility of cases you don't want to re-review with Hide Details.

Select Term Highlighting

Assign colors to search terms or phrases so you can easily spot distinct terms and their relevance throughout search results or documents — making it easier to know which documents are helpful for your situation.

Snippet Navigation

Browse through short sections of text, showing the most relevant keywords from a query. You don't even have to leave the results page as you search through search snippets to ensure the document applies to your research.

Proceedings Filter

Quickly find decisions that address specific issues in a particular procedural context without wading through lengthy results lists. The Proceedings Filter appears alongside existing filters and includes four proceedings: summary judgment motions and applications, motions and applications to dismiss, motions and applications to strike, and motions and applications for leave to appeal.

Keep your legal research process organized and streamlined so you can be at your best

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