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Westlaw Canada Success Stories

See why legal professionals like you are using Westlaw Canada to meet the demands of their clients.
I rely on Westlaw Canada to help me find helpful uncommon cases. In one recent sentencing hearing the judge commented that he was unaware of some of the cases I had cited. These cases clearly had a big impact on his decision, since he commented that “If your lawyer hadn’t done such excellent research and such an outstanding job, I would’ve given you 4 or 5 years.” To me, there is no substitute for thorough research, and for me that means Westlaw Canada.
I became used to researching the law with hard-copy books … in the past few years, I’ve started using the leading online research system Westlaw Canada …. It raises my confidence level that I’m totally on top of my game …

In practice, I use it on a near daily basis whether it is for researching statutes and regulations for various corporate matters or case law research for immigration appeals, refugee hearings or judicial review proceedings. Westlaw Canada is great because there is guidance material available to help develop research skills, better understand search techniques and shortcuts and I personally have found that the more I use it and discuss with other lawyers I am constantly finding unique uses for the technology.

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