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Select Term Highlighting and Tables of Contents for Cases

Navigate and engage with content more efficiently

Quickly get to relevant portions of a decision

With Tables of Contents for Cases, you can quickly jump to the content that matters most to you. Tables of Contents will appear to the left of all cases and decisions with all headings linked, so you can navigate to content directly rather than scrolling through the entire document.

Clearly see distinct terms across documents

With Select Term Highlighting, you can assign colours to up to five search terms or phrases, so when you look at search results or documents, you can clearly see distinct terms and easily scan for relevance and identify areas of interest.

See how they work

Assign up to five distinct highlighting colours to terms and phrases to draw attention to specific language within results lists and documents.

Use colour differentiation to scan for the location and concentration of your key terms and phrases so that you can find the results that you need, faster.

The Tables of Contents for cases and decisions allow you to navigate to specific portions of a decision so that you can speed up navigation and streamline the way you access information.

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