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Sidebarring functionality and Proceedings filter

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Sidebarring functionality

Eliminate the need for manual document mark up and sidebar decisions without leaving Westlaw Edge Canada with Sidebarring. Simply highlight the text that you want sidebarred, and select the Sidebar option from the menu that appears. The sidebars will appear on screen as well as on all documents that you email, print or download. 

Proceedings filter

Increase search precision and focus on what’s relevant with the Proceedings filter for case law. Quickly find decisions that address a relevant issue in a particular procedural context, without having to wade through a lengthy results list. Filter case law search results to include the motion or application type relevant to what you are working on.

Narrow down to four Proceedings:

  • Summary judgment motions/applications
  • Motions/applications to dismiss
  • Motions/applications to strike
  • Motions/applications for leave to appeal

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