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Strategic Litigation for the Remote Lawyer on-demand webinar

Hosted by: Betty Montoni, eDiscovery Specialist and Product Specialist, Thomson Reuters

To compete in today’s markets firms must shift their workflow to embrace technology and to manage the huge burden of managing documents both in paper and electronic format. Moving to a paperless environment is even more crucial during these times. We are going to take you on a journey – a typical day in the life of a litigation case and how you can manage using a variety of solutions. Join us as we provide a means to strategize your litigation files from your remote office. 

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Different Ways of Working – Expanding Digital Workflows on-demand webinar

An intimate discussion between Brandon Siegal, Principal at Siegal Law; Romesh Hettiarachchi, of B&I Legal Counsel; Connie Crosby, Manager Library Services, Cassels Brock and Luisa Moncada, Customer Success Manager at Thomson Reuters.  The session will focus on how legal workflows for lawyers of all types are evolving – including legal research, knowledge management, business, project and matter management and law firm and legal department collaboration. 

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Trends in Commercial Real Estate Law and the effect on Practice -  (CPD Accredited)

Join Practical Law Canada’s Jeff Lem and Elise Sieradzki for a discussion of what has changed and what remains the same, what to remember and what is new in commercial real estate law developments in 2019, including:

  • Construction Lien Amendments – Highlights for Real Estate Practitioners
  • Marketability of Title
  • Assignment vs. Sublease - Reversion to the Landlord
  • Expiration of Restrictive Covenants
  • When can an Interest in or Against Land be Extinguished
  • Power of Sale – Mortgagees Cannot Sell to Themselves

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Document Automation for Optimizing Remote Legal Work on-demand webinar

Hosted by: Shayan Edalati, Legal Automation Consultant, Thomson Reuters

An informative and practical session on legal document automation led by Shayan Edalati, Legal Automation Consultant at Thomson Reuters to learn about how your practice can benefit from drafting and automating complex legal documents while working remotely. 

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Working in the Future – What’s Next on-demand webinar

An intimate discussion between Omar Ha-Redeye, Executive Directior at Durham Community Legal Clinic, Amy Grubb, Founder at the Law Office of Amy Grubb, Jessica Lim, Managing Director of Strategic Planner at Lenczner Slaght, Lisa Stam, Founder of Spring Law and Luisa Moncada, Customer Success Manager at Thomson Reuters.The session will focus on what the future of legal work look like once there is a return to work and how the business and practice of law will be impacted in terms of overall business performance and growth, workflows, firm structure, technology adoption, marketing and business development, and changes to areas of law.  

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Lawyering at Home – Avoiding Distractions on-demand webinar

Hosted by: Zena Applebaum, Director of Customer Insights & Proposition Strategy at Thomson Retuers & Amy Grubb, Founder of the Law Office of Amy Grubb

An intimate discussion between Amy Grubb, Founder of The Law Office of Amy Grubb and Zena Applebaum, Director, Customer Insights & Proposition Strategy at Thomson Reuters. The session will focus on how lawyers can maximize their work days, and avoid distractions from pets, people and snacks, and still provide excellent customer service while working remotely.

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Implications of Covid-19 For Loan Agreements And Lending Transactions

Hosted by Lydia Salvi and Hank White of Practical Law Canada and Jason Arbuck of Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP

The 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak will have significant and lasting implications for industries, businesses and the Canadian and US loan markets. Borrowers and lenders are navigating unprecedented and continuously evolving times to understand the impact of COVID-19 on existing and new financing arrangements. Borrowers on the one hand, are trying to understand and mitigate the impact on their businesses, cash flow, and obligations. Lenders on the other hand, are trying to accommodate the challenges faced by their borrowers while protecting their loan rights and collateral values. 

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