9 reasons legal professionals choose Practical Law Canada

Get quick, expert answers to your ‘how do I’ legal questions

Even with decades of education and practice, legal professionals can’t be expected to know how to perform every legal action that comes across their desks. For example, those who intuitively know how to write an asset purchase agreement may not be confident in the detailed considerations of employment policies or commercial leasing. There is simply too much information in the universe of Canadian law for anyone to be an expert in all practice areas.

Enter Practical Law Canada — it has answers to your “how do I” questions. Lawyers across law firms, government entities, and corporations have leaned on the expertise of Practical Law to get up to speed quickly on new matters. The top reasons lawyers choose it demonstrate the value of this premier legal how-to content.

  1. Uniquely practical
    Practical Law Canada delivers expertly written, plain-English resources, templates, tools, and checklists you need to be confident and knowledgeable on new matters. Access how-to guides, templates, checklists, and more, all written and maintained by experienced lawyers. 
  2. Our expert team
    Imagine a team of skilled, seasoned lawyers at your disposal, advising you on matters beyond your expertise. With Practical Law Canada, that team is yours. It relies on full-time lawyer-editors dedicated to creating and updating reliable resources across diverse practice areas. Drawing from their backgrounds in prominent law firms and corporate legal departments, they bring extensive knowledge to provide indispensable guidance, helping you stay current in a continually evolving legal environment.
  3. Up to date
    Our editors search hundreds of sources to monitor new and emerging trends in law and practice. Thanks to the specialized knowledge of our teams, we can swiftly revise our resources to incorporate the latest developments. 
  4. Peer review
    Before publication, our resources undergo thorough vetting and peer review. This review helps ensure the quality and integrity of the content by subjecting it to scrutiny by experts in the legal realm.
  5. Organic content growth
    New key resources are constantly added to our services to ensure that you will find guidance to meet your needs.
  6. Maintenance
    New content is critical, but its usefulness is uncertain without ongoing maintenance. Our lawyer-editors continuously maintain and enhance resources to incorporate market changes, a testament to the team’s commitment.
  7. Provincial expertise
    You can easily compare laws across various Canadian jurisdictions with Practical Law’s provincial guides and comparison tools. Easily grasp, review, and compare the law in different jurisdictions.
  8. Market analysis
    Practical Law Canada's What's Market enables high-speed comparison of market practices across a wide range of public deals and agreements — including IPOs, public mergers and private acquisitions, credit agreements, and debt securities — and benchmark current market practices within seconds.
  9. Knowledge map
    Get a bird’s-eye view of every facet to a matter with this masterful way to visually explore topics and resources. Explore related issues quickly, mitigating the risk of missing important information.

A great starting point

If you haven’t used Practical Law’s full features before, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. With this resource, you can spend less time delving into an unfamiliar area with easy-to-use tools and exclusive assets that provide a great starting point. You’ll move from question to work product faster. Try a seven-day free trial to get started with Practical Law Canada.


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