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Onvio Firm Management features

Our modular approach means that with Onvio Firm Management powering your firm, you can tailor your software to your firm's work style and stay synchronized with colleagues and clients on a single, universally accessible platform.

The Onvio Firm Management suite


Centralized data management and real-time updates means everything that you and your clients do is instantly reflected across your Onvio products.

The Onvio suite is accessible from any device, so you, your staff, and your clients have the freedom to interact where, when and how you choose.

Perhaps most important, Onvio Firm Management offers enterprise-level security with multiple layers of digital and physical security that give you the first, best line of defence for your clients. The flexibility of Onvio means that as your needs and your clients' needs change and grow, Onvio Firm Management can grow with you.

Explore the modules

From portals to document management, Onvio Firm Management has integrated solutions designed just for you.

Onvio Documents


What do you get when you combine the usability of a traditional document management system with the collaboration capabilities of the cloud?

You get end-to-end, cloud-based document management with Thomson Reuters Onvio Documents. Its direct integration with our professional tax software DT Max and intuitive interface enable you and your staff to work closely with your clients to collect source documents and share finalized files.


Drag and drop

Move files from desktop and web with a simple drag-and-drop action, or import documents from Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box.

One-stop management

Manage clients and staff from a single user-friendly administration module.

More secure collaboration

Use secure collaboration tools that don't require email to share documents with encrypted links, and to simplify your information requests. You can rest easy knowing that your data is secure and encrypted on our servers!

Full-text search

Find the files and information you need by using full-text search across a variety of document types, including Microsoft Word and PDF.

How it works with other Onvio modules

Share folders

Specify which folders are accessible from both Onvio Documents and Onvio Client Centre, and control the level of access your client has to the folder.

Make requests

Send requests for missing information to Onvio Client Centre, and receive the information directly into Onvio Documents. You can even send requests to recipients who do not use Onvio Client Centre.

Onvio Client Centre


Combined with the intuitive Onvio Documents, Onvio Client Centre gives you the latest in true client and staff collaboration, enabling you and your clients to easily share documents and files in secure online client portals.


Work the way your clients work

Onvio Client Centre is optimized for tablet and web, so your clients can work from any device.

Upload documents in a snap

Drag, drop, scan or select documents to upload them.

Communicate with your clients

Make it easy for you and your clients to securely exchange documents with third parties. You can even give clients "tasks" that require their action.

Build your brand

Thanks to the ability to brand your firm's Client Centre, you can extend your brand to even more online interactions.

How it works with other Onvio modules

Collaborate on edits

Thanks to the ease with which your staff and clients can exchange documents, it's easy to collaborate on edits.


Staff and clients are notified when events occur, such as when a request is fulfilled or a new document is available.

Onvio Time & Billing


Run your firm at peak efficiency with Onvio Time & Billing. Its centralized data management and real-time synchronization makes sure you and your staff are always on the same page - no matter where, when or how you're working - while its fast setup and intuitive interface make it easy to enter time and expenses and create invoices and billing statements.


Convenient client billing

Bill clients at your convenience as often as you choose, by any method you prefer.

Time and expense options

Choose from three time and expense entry options: time, daily entry, or grid entry - whatever fits your firm best.

Receipt and adjustment tracking

Track receipts and adjustments and apply them directly to invoices for accurate client balances

Centralized review

Review time and expense entries for all staff in a centralized screen and export to Microsoft Excel for analysis.

How it works with other Onvio modules

Invoice delivery

Save and send invoices from Onvio Time & Billing to Onvio Documents and Onvio Client Centre automatically.

Firm management reports

Access the data you need to make impactful business decisions that move your firm forward.

Onvio Project Manager


Onvio Project Manager combines the tools and resources you need in a practice management system that lets your staff manage their own responsibilities - while you remain in complete control with centralized data management and real-time synchronization.


Project generation you control

Control the way recurring projects are generated with flexible project generation.

Save time with templates

Timesaving project templates hold default information to make project creation fast and easy.

Tailor project and task assignments

Assign projects and tasks to staff based on various criteria.

Manage projects more easily

Manage your project list and status from the My Assignments widget.

How it works with other Onvio modules

Track and bill by project

Track time and bill by project when using Onvio Time and Billing.

Document retrieval

Easily access project documents stored in project-specific folder when using Onvio Documents.

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