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White paper: How technology levels the playing field for midsize law firms

Forward-looking firms can compete for big law business

General Counsels are opening up their legal work to firms of all sizes in pursuit of the best result for the best value. This move has created an unprecedented opportunity for midsize firms to bid on – and win – business from clients thought to be forever out of reach.

In order to be competitive with larger firms, however, any new firm must be able to provide the same level of service and results to which major corporate clients are accustomed. Technology has put firms on much more equal footing, and midsize firms are staking their claims.

What you’ll take away:

  • What drives clients to break ties with the prestigious big law firms they have worked with for years
  • What makes midsize firms an attractive option for major corporate clients
  • How midsize firms can best position themselves to compete for any client or matter

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