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White Paper: The Importance of Talent Management

How acquisition, retention and training can differentiate your law firm.

Imagine spending two years getting an associate at your law firm up-to-speed. Just as they are becoming full participants in the firm, they burn out from struggling to grasp the complexities of the job and simply find another career route, or worse yet, they are lured away by the competition. 

Not all that hard to imagine, is it? 

Talent management is a challenge that impacts firms of all sizes. A lot of time and money can be wasted, so it’s imperative that associates get oriented quickly and have the right tools to succeed. 

Acquiring, training, and retaining top talent significantly distinguishes a law firm from its competitors. By showing the cost and potential fallout of training and losing associates, internally and with clients, this playbook will showcase the critical factors for making your law firm the place to be for associates. 

What you’ll take away: 

  • A picture of the current market factors impacting talent management 
  • How firms are reacting to the challenge of keeping and training associates 
  • A road map including the right tools to help firms overcome the talent gap and build a successful future 
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