Small Law Solutions Bundle


Small Law Solutions Bundle

Making peace of mind affordable

* Solo practitioners only

Proven time-saving resources tailored for your practice

Saving time shouldn't cut into your profit

Practising in a small law firm offers some great professional and personal advantages. But it also comes with challenges. You shoulder sole responsibility for every file that comes your way.

How you spend your time directly impacts your bottom line.

We’re offering small law firms like yours a complete practice solution to help you deliver your best work. On every file. For every client. For $200 per month per lawyer, our practice solution bundle gives you proven time-saving resources tailored for your practice. 

  • Find updated cases, statutes, and supporting materials in one simple search.
  • Eliminate research steps with single screen access to the answers you need, including excerpts from leading texts in your practice area.
  • Confidently approach any file with easy-to-read guidance on the current practical implications of the law and how it translates into an agreement, brief, policy, or transaction.
  • Provide digitally secure copies of documents to your clients and store them where they can be accessed by others in your firm.

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This limited-time offer lets you keep your small firm advantages while benefiting from “big firm” efficiencies.

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