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Strategic Insights


Explore the capabilities that will transform the way you make decisions

Successful strategy development

Transform the quality of your strategic decisions and ability to inspire the partnership to follow its stated path using Strategic Insights that combines interactive data analytics with expert analyst interpretation.

Financial Insights, a Peer Monitor Offering

A dynamic, live competitive intelligence program that gives law firms access to critical financial performance data any time, against selected firms, with results focused on improving firm profitability.

Market Insights, powered by Sharplegal

In-depth legal market trend news, reports and interactive data analytics based on client research interviews that measure, benchmark and explore buyers' behaviours and views about managing their legal work.

Market Insights

Leverage robust market research data to maximize your firm’s growth potential

Analyst-drafted articles

Stay on top of clients’ changing priorities with brief updates that examine key market trends and implications for firms in the form of evidence-based and practical advice that support strategy refinement and builds future success.

In-depth analysis reports

Delve deeper into the data behind the latest market trends, through access to a wide-range of research reports written by subject matter experts with firm growth in mind.

Interactive data analytics dashboards

Benchmark firm performance, assess market potential and explore clients’ needs that will ensure your strategic decisions are based on unparalleled legal market insights.

Data interpretation videos

Watch short interviews with our lead analysts and research advisors who translate empirical market data into practical tools and advice on how firms need to evolve to build a sustainable competitive advantage.

Financial Insights

Leverage market-leading competitive benchmarking to ensure financial stability and profitability

Interactive data analytics dashboards

Take advantage of the only legal benchmarking tool that extracts data directly from firms’ financial management systems to enable real-time, accurate competitive analysis across critical financial performance metrics at any time, against narrowly tailored and customized peer groups, as Peer Monitor currently does but with an enhanced user experience.

Targeted analysis capabilities

Deep coverage across the world allows firms to monitor their financial performance in the markets and practices that matter the most to them.

Customized reporting

Views are fully customizable, with filtering to time parameters, offices, practices, time keeper titles and years of experience. Competitive data can be securely shared within your firm and extracted for easy inclusion in wider intelligence reporting.

Strategic Insights, competitive intelligence not available anywhere else in the market

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