Instincts are good. Foresight is better.

Instincts are good. Foresight is better.

Introducing Tax Foresight, a new suite of artificial intelligence-based tax scenario outcome predictors

Introducing Case Finder

A revolutionary new way to find cases. Search through case law by facts and outcomes instead of keywords or citations. Case Finder empowers professionals by allowing them to find the cases they need faster than ever before. 

How it works

Spending too much time searching through cases by keywords and statute sections? Now you can find the cases you need instantly when running through key factors that drive the outcome. For example, suppose you have a client with a residential property outside of Canada and a spouse outside of Canada and you want to find cases that match your fact pattern. You can use the residency Case Finder to quickly discover and retrieve only those cases that match your facts. The Case Finders contain all of the case law on a particular legal issue, so you know you are not missing any important information when you complete your search. 

With Case Finder, there is no need to know what case you are looking for by name or citation. There is no need to guess at the correct keywords either. You simply navigate all of the cases on your client's legal issue using the factors that matter to your situation.  

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Introducing Case Finder - a new way to find cases quickly.

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