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Get up to speed on legal issues faster

Whether you simply need a quick refresher or you’re dealing with an unfamiliar area of law, WestlawNext Canada provides you with superior tools and resources.

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I rely on WestlawNext Canada to help me find helpful uncommon cases. In one recent sentencing hearing the judge commented that he was unaware of some of the cases I had cited. These cases clearly had a big impact on his decision, since he commented that 'If your lawyer hadn’t done such excellent research and such an outstanding job, I would’ve given you 4 or 5 years.' To me, there is no substitute for thorough research, and for me that means WestlawNext Canada.

See how WestlawNext Canada works (2:33)

See how WestlawNext Canada works (2:33)

See how WestlawNext Canada works

Be more confident. Be more strategic. Be more responsive.

WestlawNext Canada provides the fastest answers with the most advanced legal search engine, incorporating more than 150 years of proprietary analysis of the law with cutting-edge search technology to deliver the best results, every time.

More relevant, inclusive search results

Designed to help you deliver the best results, quickly and with more confidence than ever before.

Better organized and connected content

Create, favourite, and share folders for organized access to your firm’s legal research.

Commitment to accuracy

KeyCite Canada – Case and Legislative Citator provides a network of links from primary law to a wealth of supporting material to help you understand the law.


Gives you the added convenience of seeing search results and links to other resources such as ProView eLooseleafs and Practical Law.

Market-leading content

Access superior resources including the Canadian Abridgment, The Canadian Encyclopedic Digest, and exclusive analytical materials to help you build the strongest possible argument.

Convenient filtering and re-sorting options

Lets you focus in on the information that is most important to you.

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Experience WestlawNext Canada and get instant access to superior tools and resources to complete your research faster.