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Legislative Watch

With Legislative Watch alerts, you get a sense of what’s coming and what’s changed, keeping you up to date and informed on a particular bill.

Legislative Watch is an add-on subscription to LawSource that allows you to monitor all bills relating to specific statutes for deeper, more efficient research.

No matter how much you know about a legal issue, minimize the possibility of surprises by ensuring that your knowledge of a particular bill is up to date. Search results populate quickly and are integrated with Westlaw Canada for a simplified research process. 

Progress of Bills

Access a summary of a bill and its status, link to the full text, and see statutes affected.

Statute Monitor

Set up alerts to stay informed of changes to any active bill that impacts a particular statute.

Active Bills List

Quickly see a list of all bills that are not fully in force.

Jurisdiction Alert

Monitor all new Progress of Bills added for a particular province or across all Canadian jurisdictions.

Westlaw Canada Integration

Efficiently perform complete, end-to-end research in one place.

Westlaw Canada
Experience Legislative Watch on Westlaw Canada

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