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Sample Article: Occupier's Liability

Content Sampler for Causes of Action, Defences and Remedies and the Proof of Facts collection

Take the guesswork out of case and trial preparation

Causes of Action, Defences, and Remedies enables you to quickly determine the key elements of a particular cause of action. And Proof of Facts lets you efficiently focus your research to speed up trial preparation. Together, these new services make case and trial preparation simpler, and much more accurate.

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This booklet contains sample excerpts from Causes of Action, Defences, and Remedies Occupier’s Liability article and the Proof of Facts article dealing with Proof of Negligent Operation of Boxing Gymnasium, Martial Arts School or Establishment.

This sample content will give you a taste of how Westlaw Canada helps you confidently and quickly

  • identify all relevant case law and elements of a particular cause of action from across all Canadian courts
  • plot case strategy from both perspectives
  • draft pleadings that are more focused, precise, succinct, and thorough—and plan examinations for discovery and at trial more efficiently
  • determine what to prove and how to prove it to win your case
  • find relevant sample questions and checklists quickly
  • prepare for questioning witnesses
  • link to supporting case law for easy reference
  • spend less wasted time on drafting examination and cross-examination questions

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