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Build strong arguments with total confidence

Be prepared for every step in the litigation process.

Litigation research on WestlawNext Canada connects with practical tools for evaluation, pleading preparation, arguing motions, trial preparation and more.

Be more confident with Practice Guides and Expert Commentary

Practice Guides and Expert Commentary contain annotations from expert authors to help you interpret the rules of the court. And to help prepare for your trial date, key texts on Witnesses, Evidence, and Advocacy ensure that you are ready for unexpected challenges.

Save hours of tedious work

Court Documents | Litigator | WestlawNext Canada

More than 170,000 superbly organized actual Court Documents save you endless hours of tedious work digging for information – letting you present a polished case with much less effort.  Learn more 

  • Actual pleadings/motion/facta from precedent setting Canadian cases (documents successfully submit in court)
  • Court tested arguments to help support or differentiate your case with pleadings, motion documents and facta
  • One search brings you all the related legal and factual content. From a case, link directly to related pleadings, motion documents and facta that seasoned litigators have used in court.

Guided by the case selection standards of 12 of the leading litigation focused case reporters from Thomson Reuters. See the list 

Evaluate instantly what a claim is worth

Quantums zero in on the relevant information with results structured so you can confidently answer the critical question: How much is this claim worth? 

8 topical Quantums service allow you to determine what similar cases have awarded and determine what a claim is worth. See how it works

Find the right witness that will help win your case

WestlawNext Canada | Litigator | Expert Witness Directory screenshot

The information-rich Expert Witness Directory in Litigator provides profiles of experts from across Canada and the United States for a broad range of medical, technical, scientific, business, and family law issues. With the Expert Witness Directory, you have detailed information to choose an expert wisely or counter the opposition’s witness.

  • Target your search by area of expertise
  • Save time locating contact data
  • Link to experts’ resumes and judgments in which an expert is mentioned 

Uncover strengths and weaknesses in an expert’s knowledge or testimony. Every Litigator subscription also includes online versions of the following:

  • ADR Professional Directory Contains profiles of individuals and organizations from across Canada who engage in Alternative Dispute Resolution. 
  • Canadian Lawyer Directory Contains more than 30,000 profiles of lawyers, law firms, and government ministries and departments from all Canadian jurisdictions, including contact information.

Create a table of authorities quickly and easily

Factum screenshot | Westlawnext Canada

With Drafting Assistant, it's never been easier to instantly review your case citations on your drafted documents and quickly generate a table of authorities with your facta, motions or memos.

See How it Works

Tools that deliver answers and efficiency with the flexible all-in-one search box, WestlawNext Canada lets you simultaneously search across different content types with a single query and delivers you the best results faster. Search results are ranked by relevance and sorted by content type, so you can find what you need in minutes, not hours.

1. Federated search box provides one place to search all or specific Litigator content

2. Pleadings, motions, and facta documents Retrieve pleadings, motion and facta documents as prepared.

3. Quantum Services Determine what your client's claim is worth by searching a quantum service.

4. Legal Memoranda Access thousands of professionally drafted legal memoranda covering a broad range of legal issues.

5. Strategic Litigation Collection Causes of Action, Defences and Remedies

6. Personal Injury Practical Guidance Access expert practical guidance on Personal Injury matters.

7. Text Annotations Retrieve Rule annotations and practice commentary from Thomson Reuters expert authors.

8. All Witnesses, Evidence and Advocacy Commentary Authoritative commentary on witness, evidence, and advocacy topics.

9. eLooseleafs on ProView Authoritative commentary on key litigation topics.

10. Checklists (not in Litigator search) Never miss a step with thorough annotated litigation checklists.

11. Legal Directories Retrieve useful profiles on expert witnesses, lawyers, and mediator/arbitrators.

12. Rules Concordance Easy access to Litigators' Rules Concordance.

13. Resources Keep abreast of Class Action developments and trends.

14. Practice Advisors Use the current awareness tools to access timely updates on case developments and legislation.

More Litigation Solutions available on WestlawNext Canada

Litigation research on WestlawNext Canada connects with practical tools for evaluation, pleading preparation, arguing motions, trial preparation and more. Enhance your Litigator subscription with the following solutions:

Case Notebook

Legal case management software helps you organize, analyze, and collaborate on even the most complex cases.

Causes of Action, Defences, and Remedies

Plot case strategies from both perspectives. Confidently and quickly identify all relevant case law on a particular cause of action from across all Canadian courts.

Insolvency Court Filings

Full text of court filings made under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act, the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, or related Canadian legislation in which a party was represented by a member of the Insolvency Institute of Canada.

Kim Spencer McPhee Class Action Monitor

Stay up to date on class actions across Canada. Get insightful analysis of the latest class actions, as well as case updates, news and special-focus articles.

Legal Memos 6,500+ legal memos

Cut straight to the heart of a specific issue with access to 500+ current, clear and concise legal memos.

Merkur Damages Calculator

Calculator quickly assess the value of a personal injury claim using different assumptions.

Practical Law Canada

Make more of your limited time with trusted answers when you need them most.

Personal Injury Practical Guidance

Never miss a step or relevant consideration with the 'how-to tool' kit.

Proof of Facts

Quickly gather the evidence that matters, prepare for questioning­ witnesses more efficiently and save time on drafting examination­ and cross-examination questions.

ProView eBooks

The largest collection of texts and annotations for authored commentary.

Rules of Civil Procedure Concordance

Topical concordances of the rules of practice

Available Plans


This simple but powerful plan gives you access to Litigator a revolutionary workflow solution.

  • Case Law
  • The Canadian Abridgment Case Law Digests
  • The Canadian Abridgment eDigests
  • Legislation
  • Rules Concordance
  • KeyCite Canada
  • Law Report Articles, Journals and Law Reviews
  • The Canadian Encyclopedic Digest
  • Index to Canadian Legal Literature
  • Words & Phrases
  • Practice Guides and Expert Commentary
    • 10 Annotated Rule Books
    • Archibald’s Annual Review of Civil Litigation
    • Practice Advisor (Current Awareness)
  • Legal Directories (Canadian, Canadian/US Expert Witness Directory, Lawyers Directory, Mediators and Arbitrators Directory)
  • Rules of Civil Procedure Concordance
  • Drafting Assistant
  • Court documents collections

Expanded Plan

Add the following products to your Litigator collection for complete confidence

  • Civil Litigation Commentary and Checklists
  • Any other Court Documents collections 
    • Business Law Reports
    • Cases on Employment Law
    • Cases on the Law of Insurance 
    • Cases on Law of Torts
    • Pensions and Benefits
    • Environmental Law Reports
    • Construction Law Reports
    • Carswell’s Practice Case
    • Estates&Trust Reports
    • Intellectual Property Cases
    • Municipal and Planning Reports 
    • Real Property Reports
  • Kim Spencer McPhee Class Action Monitor
  • Quantums
  • Personal Injury Practical Guidance including Merkur Damages Calculator

Enhancements to Litigator

Take your litigation solutions to the next level. Try these additional litigation enhancements.

  • Causes of Action, Defences and Remedies
  • Proof of Facts Collection
  • ProView eBooks and eLLooseleafs
  • Legal Memos
  • InsolvencySource
  • Practical Law
  • Case Notebook
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