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Team collaboration

Offer your firm a complete digital workplace where staff can stay informed

Transform the way you work

Keep your teams informed of news and events, communicate easily, collaborate on projects and documents, manage tasks, and access self-service tools.

Communicate and network effectively

Deliver clear, consistent information to the entire firm so groups, teams, and individuals can stay connected, foster collaboration, and improve relationships.

Quick and easy intranet setup

Everything you need to rapidly build, implement, and maintain a highly secure digital workplace is available right out of the box, without coding or hardware.

Save time on administrative work

Organize your key management information (MI) data to assess the business impact and prepare management reports. Demonstrate effective risk oversight to regulatory bodies.

Tools to enable team collaboration

Knowledge management

Provide a single, secure place where people can quickly find the information they need to work more intelligently.

Social collaboration

Improve your team’s productivity and unlock its potential by keeping the conversations open and ongoing.

Secure file sharing

Send and share information and files more securely and efficiently from anywhere, keeping them in sync on every device.

Switch on collaboration

See how your firm can strengthen team collaboration with HighQ