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The law is dynamic — it is always changing and evolving. So should your legal research tools and processes. Bearing in mind the complexity of this industry, Thomson Reuters continues to look for ways to innovate and improve its products. One of the latest ways Thomson Reuters has made strides to streamline the workflow of today’s lawyers is by integrating Topical Texts and Annotations titles with Westlaw Edge Canada.

What exactly does “topical texts and annotations” mean? Topical Texts and Annotations (TTA) are authoritative secondary sources designed to help lawyers better understand the latest developments and implications of complex, specific legal topics and provide content to help you navigate the legal matter in question.

TTA collections

TTA titles on Westlaw Edge Canada are available in separate collections based on the subject area most relevant to your practice, allowing you to create a custom-curated library of content specific to fit your needs. The bundles available are:

  • Constitutional and Government
  • Corporate Commercial
  • Criminal – Evidence
  • Criminal – Offences
  • Criminal – Procedure
  • Employment
  • Environmental, Energy and Aboriginal
  • Estates
  • Family
  • Insolvency/Debtor-Creditor
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Labour 
  • Litigation – Evidence and Remedies
  • Litigation – Specialty Practice and General
  • Municipal and Construction
  • Privacy
  • Professions
  • Real Property
  • Torts

The expert commentary within these TTA bundles connects with the powerful search capabilities and robust user interface of Westlaw Edge Canada to make your research process even more efficient. You can utilize the enhanced abilities of the Westlaw platform to run keyword searches across your entire library of TTA titles and see results from the specific section of a book that addresses your issue or keywords. What’s more, you can seamlessly access hyperlinked cases and legislation within your TTA title. Then, you can use KeyCite to assess any recent developments that may impact the analysis of the text you’re viewing.

Additional helpful functions with TTA

Other time-saving functions that this integration makes possible include the ability to collaborate with colleagues by noting up TTA documents and sharing those notes with them without ever having to leave Westlaw. You can also utilize updated features of Westlaw Edge Canada, such as Graphical View of History, which allows you to see a visualization of your research history, enabling you to navigate back to the resource you were viewing during a prior session.

With over 200 titles covering 20 practice areas, TTA offers a vast collection of commentary and knowledge to suit the needs of a diverse range of legal specialties. Bolster your research with these helpful resources and ensure you’re well versed in certain nuances and applications of the law. Learn more about Topical Texts and Annotations today.

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