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Scenario: how to determine just cause for dismissal?

Is there just cause for dismissal based on a health and safety violation? Watch how Westlaw Canada’s integration with Practical Law and ProView yields valuable answers from multiple resources with just one search.

See how all these tools work together in this Use Case Video (2:00)

Westlaw Canada EmploymentSource | Just Cause for Dismissal use case

Westlaw Canada EmploymentSource | Just Cause for Dismissal use case 

I rely on Westlaw Canada to help me find helpful uncommon cases. In one recent sentencing hearing the judge commented that he was unaware of some of the cases I had cited. These cases clearly had a big impact on his decision, since he commented that "If your lawyer hadn’t done such excellent research and such an outstanding job, I would’ve given you 4 or 5 years." To me, there is no substitute for thorough research, and for me that means Westlaw Canada.

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