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HighQ for Government legal

Transform your department with an integrated legal operations hub

Streamline your legal operations in a single platform

Optimize and simplify the way your legal department works with HighQ. Our legal operations platform takes the hassle out of contract lifecycles, documents, managing services requests, matters, outside counsel, and more.

HighQ helps you tackle common challenges

Contract management

Maximize value with efficient end-to-end contract lifecycles.

Legal intake

Standardize the legal service request process and analyze intake data.

Document management

Integrate powerful document management capabilities into your business processes.

Matter management

Stay informed and in control with instant access to accurate matter information and status metrics.

Team collaboration

Discover a better way to collaborate, communicate, and connect your team.

With HighQ, we are digitizing our processes, strengthening the digital mindset in our team, and positioning ourselves for the future.
Moving legal processes forward with Thomson Reuters HighQ

See how HighQ can make your legal department more secure, efficient, and innovative