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Practical guidance for insolvency and restructuring issues

Insolvency is “real-time” litigation and very complex.  Once a company is in financial distress, there is a short window to negotiate with stakeholders and preserve value. Motions and transactions move very quickly, and lawyers need answers immediately. 

With Practical Law Canada’s Insolvency & Restructuring module, lawyers can find the answers and resources they need, quickly understand what is important, and respond with speed and confidence. 

Insolvency & restructuring resources include practical guidance and up-to-date resources on:


BIA Proposals

CCAA Proceedings

Corporate Insolvency

Creditor Issues

Default & Enforcement

Director and Employees


Meet our insolvency & restructuring lawyer-editor

The power of Practical Law is our lawyer-editors. Because their sole job is to monitor the laws and create content to help you navigate unknown areas, they can pivot quickly and address the changing needs of the market. Meet the lawyer-editor dedicated to providing you with reliable and current insolvency resources you need.

Stephanie Wanke

Stephanie Wanke joined Practical Law Canada after practicing as a partner with Miller Thomson LLP in the area of insolvency and restructuring.  She has represented creditors, court officers and debtors in a variety of complex insolvency matters, including CCAA proceedings, receiverships, proposals, bankruptcies and foreclosures.  Stephanie continues to be a frequent speaker on insolvency issues.  She has been recognized by her peers in Best Lawyers™ in Canada 2020 in the area of insolvency and restructuring.

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