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Practical Law Canada: Commercial Transactions

Commercial Law guidance and resources for the core activity of Canadian businesses

Why Practical Law Canada Commercial Transactions

Practical Law Canada Commercial Transactions focuses on the core activity of Canadian businesses. Our plain language resources range from Standard Documents & Clauses to Practice Notes and Checklists, and enable lawyers to customize documents quickly, refresh their knowledge of contracting principles, and get up to speed on unfamiliar topics.

Subtopics in Commercial Transactions

Commercial Transactions includes practical guidance and up-to-date resources on:

  • Advertising and Marketing: addresses advertising agency agreements, promotion and marketing agreements, cross-marketing agreements, and more
  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements: collection of both long-form and short-form NDAs that cross multiple practice areas and are drawn as either mutual, unilateral in favour of the discloser, or unilateral in favour of the recipient. Also includes resources about remedies available in the event that an NDA or other confidentiality obligation has been breached. 
  • E-Commerce and Technology: includes resources on topics such as software licensing, software source code escrow, software as a service, and more
  • General Contract and Boilerplate: boilerplate provisions with detailed explanations to understand how each provision operates in a contract
  • Supply of Goods and Services: selection of resources precisely customized to the client’s particular interest, be it a seller or buyer of goods, or the provider of services or the customer

Our team

We share our most valuable insights from practice in the resources we author, imparting our years of experience, intellectual capital, and know-how to our customers.

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