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Procedural and substantive law guidance for corporate and commercial litigation

Why Practical Law Canada Corporate & Commercial Litigation

The Corporate & Commercial Litigation module provides procedural and substantive law guidance to give litigators a significant advantage. Procedural topics include commencement and pleading, discovery, motions and applications, trial preparation and practice, costs and appeals. Substantive/specialty topics include corporate litigation, contract disputes, tort litigation and more.

With Practical Law Canada Corporate & Commercial Litigation, litigators get practical, how-to information to complement their legal research, which means improved response time, greater efficiency when drafting, and less time spent getting up to speed.

Topics in Corporate & Commercial Litigation

  • Appeals
  • Commencing an Action
  • Construction Litigation
  • Corporate Litigation
  • Costs
  • Discovery
  • Evidence
  • International Arbitration
  • Mediation and Settlement
  • Motions and Chambers Applications
  • Orders and Judgments
  • Originating Applications and Petitions
  • Pre-Pleading
  • Responding to a Claim
  • Service and Filing
  • Substantive Law
  • Trial
  • Torts and Contract Disputes

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