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The DT Professional Suite Tax Software Partners

Here is the list of our Partners

Thomson Reuters is pleased to be affiliated with the following quality suppliers.

Knowledge Bureau

The first step toward achieving paperless workflow is to implement an electronic document management system. Creating a paperless environment in your firm - with DT FileCabinet at the core - can impact your profitability more positively than any decision you’ve ever made. The immediate and obvious gain is time and money savings on paper, filing, printing, storage, retrieval, delivery, etc. The long-term, over-the-top value, is a more streamlined workflow.


UBERbase Insolvency Process System is an estate management software that has changed the way estate management and insolvency are handled. Created by trustees for trustees.


Odotrack is a service which provides a software package to automatically log mileage. Odotrack will quickly calculate all travel for business or personal purposes.

Centre québécois de formation en fiscalité (CQFF) (in French only)

The Centre québécois de formation en fiscalité is a private enterprise, created in 1992, which is dedicated to offering quality tax training and tax-related information on a concrete and practical basis. At the CQFF, making tax information accessible as well as disclosing the administrative practices of tax authorities are considered priorities.

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