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The latest updates of our Professional Accounting Software

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Please note: Successful installation of the first version of a new tax year requires that your Thomson Reuters account be fully up-to-date. Installation prior to receiving your new licence key will result in loss of access to DT Max including all prior years. To avoid this problem, please ensure that you have received your new licence key by mail or by email and have it in hand before installing.

The downloads are available to licensed users of DT Max only.

To obtain access, you must enter your username and password which appear in your licence information within DT Max, under the option About DT Max, in the Help menu. Note that your username is your client number.

If your username and password do not enable you to sign in, please contact Dr Tax client services at (514) 733-8355 or 1(800) 663-7829.

If you do not have a prior version of DT Max already installed but wish to access previous tax years, you may download the full DT Max package.

The full package contains DT Max T1, T2, T3 and T5013 version for all years as well as the knowledge base in both languages. However, due to its large size, this package should only be downloaded by users who access the Internet using high-speed connections, as using a dial-up connection will be slow and unreliable.

* The downloads with asterisks are available to licensed users of DT Max only.

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