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November 16, 2022


Thomson Reuters SYNERGY Canada 2022, User Conference for tax and accounting firm.

Our workshops

Here is a list of the workshops that will happen at the SYNERGY conference.

Electronic Transmission (EFile)

By Emmy Valmé, DT Product Senior Trainer for DT Tax and Accounting, a Thomson Reuters Business

Simplify your tax filing with DT Max and Onvio. With just a few steps, transmit your tax returns electronically and obtain an electronic signature from your clients using Onvio.

Improve your interactions with your clients

Onvio Client Centre is an online portal designed to facilitate the interaction between the accounting firm and the clients.  This platform allows you to collaborate with your clients and exchange documentation.

DT Max productivity features

By Gerry Vittoratos - MTax, Lead Trainer at Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting

In the session, you will see a detailed demonstration of two advanced productivity features that are included with DT Max, the DT Toolkit and the DT Import.

DT Toolkit is a productivity package that will calculate for you the average cost of similar securities, to aggregate multiple single buy/sell stock transactions, calculate interest-vs-capital gains of interest-bearing securities, and find the optimal 12 month period for medical expenses for families.

DT Import a productivity tool to allow you to import T4s, T5s, and RL24/31 data from DT FormMax, and T3 Slips from DT-T3 to existing clients in DT MAX T1.

Increase your office productivity by leveraging some powerful tools and features of Microsoft Excel

By Mohamed Bouanani - MBA, Manager, Professional support

Learn to use powerful yet simple features and tools of Microsoft Excel that will help you become more productive at the office.

Onvio Tax CA Accessibility & User Experience: Inclusion, familiarity and the future

By Karl Boudjikanian - User Experience Design and Research

An overview of the recent work at TR to make our products accessible to everyone. Demonstration of how users with disabilities can be productive with Onvio Tax, how everyone will be able to access the product on different screen sizes – even on a device as small as your phone, and how the introduction of familiar keyboard shortcuts will keep you productive, on the cloud.

Early Adopters, 2022 Recap: Our pioneer users, working in Onvio Tax for the first time, share their feedback

By Karl Boudjikanian

Onvio Tax CA was available to our users for the first time, during the last T1 season. Learn how the Early Adopter program unfolded, what aspects of Onvio Tax delighted those who participated, and what enhancement requests we received for this year.

How to write a business proposal that wins you more clients

By David Caron - Pre Sales Specialist

In this presentation, we will cover the importance of a business proposal, how to structure one and present it to close more deals.

Onvio Tax T1 – Cloud product demonstration

By Scott Drummond - Project Manager

Onvio Tax T1 is next-generation tax preparation software which is fully integrated into the Onvio cloud-based firm management suite. Onvio Tax T1 is built on top of the DT Max T1 advanced tax calculation engine, and includes a diagnostic watch window and a side-by-side comparison interface which use modern web technology. Onvio Tax T1 has been fully certified by the CRA and Revenu Québec for electronic filing.

This session will demonstrate the basics of using Onvio Tax T1 and also showcase exciting new features including those added as a result of feedback from our Onvio Tax T1 early-adopter participants.

Bonus material

Learning Center

Thomson Reuters Learning Centre is designed to provide training and resources to help you and your staff implement your software. Learn how to access the Learning Centre and how to participate in online training.

How to leverage technology to manage a modern Practice

In this session we’ll explore some of the tools needed to run a modern practice and streamline workflows. Emphasis will be given to sales automation, customer and project management, document management, client portals as well as payment automation.

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