DT Max T3

Trust Tax Software for Your Firm

What is DT Max T3?

The DT Max T3 trust tax software is perfect for Canadian tax professionals who prepare tax returns for testamentary and inter vivos trusts, including graduated rate estates. There is no simpler way to prepare Canadian and Quebec trust tax returns of any kind.

DT Max T3 Features

  • Customizable, informative trust database list
  • Advanced calculations with basic tax information
  • Interactive warnings and diagnostics
  • Extensive worksheets and reporting
  • Information sharing by spouses
  • Data conversion from competitive software

Also includes:

  • Integrated Billing Module
  • Automated T3-ADJ
DT Max T3 - Thomson Reuters DT Tax and Accounting

The DT Max Advantage

DT Max tax compliance software products have a unique, intuitive interface that will save you from 30-40% in processing time. Here’s how…

Enter data faster


Never re-enter amounts

Efile with confidence

Know your carryforward amounts immediately

Avoid errors and omissions as data is entered

Never leave DT Max

Protection against threats external and internal

DT Max backup

Manage your tax season

Common Features

DT Max T1, T2, T3 and T5013 tax compliance products share a number of valuable features and tools, too.


Verification System

Printer controls

Built-in Tax Planner

Create PDFs of the tax returns you produce

Process Status tracking

Audit Trail

Full language support


See an automatically generated SnapShot of the filed return

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